October 25, 2014

And done

And so concludes a satisfying high school football season with a final road win for the varsity.

Yesterday the boy`s freshman team won as well and I can hardly believe that this year's season is over.

There is nothing better in my world than a fall football evening and wins all around are the icing on the cake if I liked frosting which I do not.  Give me plain cake every time.  If it can't stand on its own then I consider it a weak recipe.

October 22, 2014

Billy Batson

Okay no more bleating about my ocular issues as a 3 day headache from a supposed medical solution is asinine and needs to be corrected. There’s a bunch of other nonsense that has bubbled to the top of my thumping brain. The first has me going crazy while I listen to an “expert” that was supposed to be enlightening me as to the future of my current field. Instead this boring buttwipe has been reading slides to me word for word pausing only to try and get me to sign up for his various paid services.

I’m 40 minutes in and normally would have punched out long ago but I want to get some of his source material and that only comes at the end. Burning an hour of a completely packed day is annoying so I’m writing this with him in the background to calm myself down. If you present and or teach in any way please don’t read slides to your students. It’s insulting with a heaping side order of lazy. It’s this kind of bush league bullshit that makes me feel like I’ll always be able to find work.

Moving on… Am I the only idiot who hears the supposed to be scary terrorist group name Isis and immediately thinks “O Mighty Isis! Isis isis" followed by “zephyr winds which blow on high, lift me now so I can fly!”? EVERY SINGLE TIME I HEAR IT. Love me some 1970’s Saturday morning live action super hero shows. If I ever form an international terror organization I call dibs on SHAZAM!

Anyhow, I’m busy as I make ready for a three week on and off road trip that will take me from Minnesota to California to Florida. I like to plan things close together to minimize travel time and increase efficiency. Maybe I don’t have any control at all over these next three weeks but I have to prepare for this shitshow none the less. I have been spoiled as of late by a long stretch at home but the financial Sword of Damocles isn't going anywhere and these new spectacles make objects look closer than they appear and a little wavy to boot. (sorry, I opened with I wouldn't...)

By the way if you get a chance Google Richard Westall's painting of the sword. One of my favorites. Everyone is wearing tapestries even the poor slave girl except she has to keep one boob out. Probably to signify her status. As if her backwards Italian bike riding cap wasn't sign enough. And so ends today's intellectual art lesson.

October 21, 2014


These progressive lens glasses are garbage and its not because I'm not used to them. Natural way of reading my ass. The top of the things are for far away vision which the doctor said I didn't need any help with. The bottom edge is for close up reading and the middle is for mid distance. The crazy part of this whole scheme is that middle part that you use the most during the day while working on a computer is just in the middle of the lens. So if you have a wide screen monitor like I do instead of tracking things across the surface like a normal person you have to turn your head back and forth as if reading were a tennis match.

The idiot that fitted my spectacles told me that the easiest thing to do would be to remember that my nose needed to point toward whatever I want to see... What kind of shit invention is this. I'm sure there is some scientific refractory nonsense that explains why shifting your eyeballs to wither side in these things turns everything blurry but it all boils down to dumb.

I'm heading back to the eye place tomorrow to get something different because this nonsense cannot be allowed to continue. I have a screaming headache, my neck is annoyed by all of the exercise, and completely turning my head to see something is making me want to slap myself. Time for some old school tip of the nose readers. Look down your nose to read pain in the ass small print above them for the rest of the world. I might even get a lanyard thing for around my neck as it cant look any worse than constant complete head turns.

Its like the genius behind this invention got bored and stopped working on the solution before it was complete. How in the hell is it OK to have 2 built in blind (fuzzy, unclear, might as well be painted black) spots in a pair of glasses? Yet here I sit wearing them. I am stupidtom.

October 20, 2014


Almost 50 years on the planet and my eyes have always been good to me until recently when small words started giving me trouble. So today I went to the eye doctor and great news, I got glasses. Holy shitsticks this is going to be a pain in the nuts.

I got some new fangled trifocal type lens that is making me feel like I'm walking around in a fun house. Nothing better than paying hundreds of dollars to feel queasy. Look down to read, straight to see mid distance but not left or right cause that gets blurry, any then up top is for distance. I'm an hour in and want to smash them to bits.

I'm giving this a week even though they said three. I might be better suited for old fashioned wear on the tip of your nose reading glasses. Not sure what genus a-hole invented these but I'd bet his eyes are jacked up.

Took that picture to get the shit from the kids out of the way. Oh, and I almost forgot the cherry on this excrement sundae is I got a referral to a specialist for what could be some potential glaucoma. Big Bald Blind Tom will spend all of his disability money on high end medical marijuana and the nonsense I speak into this thing could get a little stranger than normal.

October 19, 2014


It was fun seeing middle child yesterday at parent's weekend. Just like my real college experience we ditched the class that we signed up for and just hung out with the kid. In her room looking around the dizzying collage of her work, friends work, posters, and things that can only be categorized as "other" I discovered this painting of the wife and I when we were dating.
Always disturbing to be looking around and discover your younger self looking back. Anyway, its art and what she loves so I'm just going with it. So we took her and a couple friends out to dinner and it was a good time. OK the meal wasn't so great but the conversation was fun. I especially enjoy watching my child squirm as her mother uses expert interrogation techniques on her friends. Good stuff.

The wheels started to come off when I ordered an Uber ride back for the group and the dude took 20 minutes to find us. I am a huge fan of the service and use it all over the country where available and this was my first bad experience. Then after he dropped us off he charged me for the whole time he was lost. That will not stand.

All in all a good day and it was one of those made up holidays to boot. (crap, I wrote to boot and have no idea what that means. Now that's going to bother me.)  I did ask the person who told us it was Sweetest Day when Sourest Day was and got nothing in response. Not even a groan of disapproval. Oh well, at least those with me scurried away in shame.

I do so love the location of this schools dorms...

October 17, 2014

trapped in the time equivalent of quicksand

I'm not quite sure what's happening today but the clock refuses to advance. I just finished a call that lasted 54 minutes by my phones reckoning but I swear it was three hours. and now I'm waiting for another call to start and I think I've looked at the time a dozen times with no change. The dogs won't shut up as the wind keeps blowing sticks-n-things against the house and my phone is buzzing with texts from my friends looking to grab a beer before the game tonight.

This has all mixed together to leave me feeling ill at ease and I'm not really sure if that's a real thing or if I spelled slash used it correctly. Things just don't feel quite right. Anyway, If this were a Saturday I might consider attempting a quick reset nap but this next call is all about me. Roughly sixty minutes of "the Tom Show" and I need to saddle up and get ready to ride. If my delivery sucks these things can break bad in a hurry.

I need to keep the attention of a room full of people with the sound of my voice as interpreted by a speakerphone. And unlike Charlie Townsend the Angels on the other end of the phone don't work for me. I am here to shake up their world just a bit. The last time we all spoke I had some baby crying cued up on the YouTube and used it more than once. This time I have crickets and sitcom laugh track ready to go. Should be fun.

T minus two minutes (I wonder what the hell that stands for?) and I find myself wondering where we are going to eat tomorrow night when we head down to art school parents weekend. I get to meet some of this kids friends as well so at the very least the daughter daddy looks should be entertaining.
As in "be less YOU Dad." That never really works out...

October 16, 2014

Testing a new app

Testing a new app for posting with this tragic picture of Francine in her Halloween costume. Truly frightening.

The Blogger app sucks HARD

It's this kind of crap that makes me rethink the whole online writing thing and I realize how weak this sounds a whole nine days in. One of the reasons I chose Blogger to write on aside from its free price tag was the ability to post from my phone when things got boring. I was sitting up last night unable to sleep so I thought I'd write a little something. Everything went great until it was time to publish... aaaarrrrgggg! I kept getting error messages.

This shit is supposed to calm me down not raise my internal pressure. I tried for a frustrating half hour to get it to work when my phone finally had enough and warned me of an impending power down. I plugged it in and went to bed. pissed.

Then, up earlier than I wanted to be, I gave it another shot just for giggles. Nope. Did a little online research and found nothing on the subject. You get what you pay for and in this case free means bent over and tied to a bolder with no explanation in site. I dearly miss my beloved WordPress but it would cost me $99 a year to do what I want to get done. Sadly this nonsense isn't worth that to me right now.

I think I finally posted it online but that takes away a big chunk of useful. The picture I used was a text from child number two and getting images from the thing I carry every day to this space on the interweb was one of the main points. I will work on a fix tonight while not sleeping but until I figure something out I want to punch this platform in the face.

October 15, 2014

I need a do-over

One of "those days" was had by me and I'm more than thankful it's over. Like a game of Dodge ball where everything hits you in the face I couldn't get a bodysuit today to save my life.  So when the shady landscaper called to see if I wanted to do some fall work to my lawn he got some return fire. He still owes me some work from spring but once he gets busy he turns into a ghost.

I'm not going to bore you with the details of this particular too lazy to do my own work problems other than to give you my closing line.

Consider the work you owe me payment to go away.  Never call me again and if you use me as a reference buckle up because things will get bumpy. If I wasn't clear I think you run a terrible business.

He tried calling me after that but things like this are best left at a slow rolling boil.

This day started with my artist child sending a picture of her latest work. Most likely because I'll see it in a couple days at parents weekend. I like the painting but she keeps digging up bad pictures of me when I was around her age. This one is from a JCPenny coupon that came to our apartment in college.  We all went down and took the package...
For those who don't know anywhere with a photo studio way back when would send out these ridiculous coupons for a professional sitting and prints. $10 for up to six poses and it included one 8x10 one 5x7 and like 4 wallet sized pictures of your choice. The idea was that you would want more versions in different sizes to share (internet not invented yet) so they would hit you hard for the extra shots. Never a problem for us because we would take whatever was included and run.

This beauty above includes such 80's hits as The Butt-Cut, Collar cut out of a sweatshirt with a t-shirt underneath, and whatever facial hair configuration I thought was cool at the time. I think we even had a print of this with my friend Eric ghosted in a corner looking up and away at something magical. Good times.

October 14, 2014

background err foundation maybe

It turns out that even with my limited release of this nonsense there are a couple of people stopping by to read. Then it hit me that I might want to put down a little background for those not in the know. so here I go...

I am an almost fifty year old adult male who has grown to his full height of just over six feet four inches and I weigh in at just under three hundred pounds. That is quite a bit down from a year ago as I jumped on a scale for the first time in a long while and hit a high that frightened me. I walk the earth much like an adolescent Grizzly except the all fours thing kills my knees, hands and back.

I shave my head because if I didn't I would have this ridiculous isthmus and island thing going on. You know, the ring of hair and a clump on top. I've had some form of facial hair for most of my adult life since I first started shaving and found out that by afternoon I needed to shave just around my mouth again to get rid of the blue looking shadow. I wear it in what most people mistakenly think of as a goatee but is really a van dyke. look it up.

I live in Northwest Suburban Chicagoland with my wife of 25 to life and 3 kids. Wait, the two girls are actually in college so they don't technically live here but I'm still paying for their complete existences so they still count I guess. The boy is in high school. If I write about them in the future I will use code names as none of them asked for this and even when I not trying I can be embarrassing especially to my offspring.

Currently four animals infest my home and that number is down from a high of six if memory serves. Two cats and two dogs. I'm not going to complain much about these pains in my ass because that was one of my New Year's resolutions and I'm trying to hang in there.

Our house is small by modern american standards but it suits us just fine. We had a shot at moving a couple years ago to a bigger house in the neighborhood but the kids voted it down. Other than that I love what I do for a living but don't really write about that here other than travel related annoyances and occurrences. Anything else you will just have to figure out on your own as we progress.

October 13, 2014

Here in lies the rub

My writing is a mixed bag and I say this because I reread some of the stuff I already posted while I was checking to see if I set the mobile part of this thing up correctly. (proof in the long winded pudding) I am a technically questionable writer which shouldn't bother me but it does. To the point that it almost got so deep in my head that I couldn't write today. Not frozen in fear couldn't more like over-thinking couldn't. I'm not really sure what my brain was trying to accomplish but I finally had to shut it down and just start typing.

Today I began with the title and it refers to my reluctance about letting people know I'm back at this crap. There are reasons for and against everyone I tell. The main against is that it feels like HEY LOOK AT ME! LOOK WHAT I'M DOING AGAIN! and that makes me want to slap myself right in the face. But there are those people who I like knowing that they are reading this stuff. Mostly people I love and care about that get my twisted sense of being. The rub comes from some of the six degrees of separation running through my life.

I have a number of quirks that you will soon discover if you read this for very long. One of the biggest is my problem with suffering fools. Most people can just put an idiot who misbehaves on ignore. Not this guy. Add that trouble to my love of well crafted spoken assault and you get a recipe for social disaster. This isn't really a ME problem as I feel there are far too many people in my life as it stands but my family has feelings and such plus they like living here so I need to take that into consideration.

I am to the point in my life where I don't want to hang out with anyone who is not a positive in my life. There is a plus column and a minus column. I am paid to endure and overcome negative influences so in my private life I just find it exhausting. A tired Tom is a salty Tom and that's where things get dicey.

Another individual I wont be formally informing is my lovely bride. She is by nature a private person and my exact opposite. This means that she is no stranger to an apology after I've taken a verbal blowtorch to a friends husband for instance. Or sometimes my lack of fear regarding that which I believe to be true pairs up with my size voice and other factors to create a thing best described as sour. So I get the fact that she's not the biggest fan of a web page where I write whatever comes to mind. Understood and another reason for the limited re-release.

It will eventually get to someone I don't want reading it and that is where the title of this post comes from but I will work to delay that as long as I can. The alternative is to write it just to myself but where is the fun in that? Plus my face would look kind of funny after punching myself every-time I remembered I was writing a diary.

October 12, 2014

So this happened

While I was off the air a tree jumped up and squished my neighbors car. It was a horrible storm during the day on a Friday and my son was the first family member on the scene. The above picture is the one he sent me in a text. He said he was going over to make sure the eighty plus year old woman was OK. I was more worried that she might still be in the car and asked him if he wanted me to call the police but luckily not the case.

She was justifiably shaken but physically in tact so the boy put a tarp, duct tape, and weights on the disaster to ease her mind. (She was crying and telling him that water was going to get in her car. This is what he was telling me on the phone while trying to find tarps. He cracked me up when he said "her car is already full of tree")The tree sat there just like that for days and when the city finally showed up I was glad I was at home.

These gentleman came in three tree removal apparatuses. (that word doesn't sound right to me either but lets move along shall we?) Booms cutters claws chainsaws chippers and they had the balls to send a guy over to me to say they were only responsible for the branches that fell blocking the street.

I let said same city employee know my neighbors age, years in the community, health issues, and reminded him that we are across the street from a school. (notice the crosswalk sign in my child's expertly framed shot above) Kids would be walking by the wreckage the following morning and if anyone were to get hurt I would need all of their names just in case anyone asked. I also mentioned that I would be calling every news channel I could about an octogenarian 50 year tax paying resident of our town who was abandoned by public works in her time of need.  It was a Sunday and I didn't have anything better to do.

After a five minute call to his supervisor they got work. I got my lawn chair and a beer for the show. She came home during the work and stayed outside with me until they finished. I only laughed out loud once when she started complaining about the damage their trucks were doing to my lawn.  She was crying and thanking them and then crying at the sight of her flat Cadillac minus the tree.

The supervisor came over to me before they left and thanked me saying it was the right thing to do. I shot a you're welcome but followed it by letting him know that I was kind of looking forward to getting on TV. Oh well, near brush with fame foiled for a speedy resolution.

Football Fridays

I love few things more than Friday Night Lights. High School football rules for a number of reasons I won't bore you with here but part of what I love is cracking wise with my friends. I hang out with a humorous crowd and football games are one of our strong suits. Every once in a while we have to be careful because you never know who might be around but most of our shots are generically cracking wise about whatever might cross our paths including each other. Just good fun until someone tries to wedge themselves into the banter.

I’m not sure wedge is the word I’m looking for. Cram, stuff, crash, barge, I hope you get the point. It’s like a symphony is playing and someone is aggressively attempting to make their harmonica heard in-between notes. It just hurts the ears and makes everyone uncomfortable.

Now I’m not saying we are playing to perfection like a symphony because that would be an untruth. Some of the funniest moments come when one of us floats something out there that fails miserably and everyone else begins the merciless attack on the offender. I've been on the receiving end of that quite a bit and you just have to strap in and ride it out. But I’m drifting off course.

This past Friday night became so bad that I had to remove myself from the fun. We had a square peg show up that just wouldn't quit. Awkward to begin with he doesn't really know what to say at a football game so he chose the tactic of repeating things that someone else said, just a couple minutes later. To make it worse he really needs positive feedback from people so after he repeats someone else's funny he moves toward and looks straight into their faces trying to gauge reaction or something creepy like that.

As if his victims are too stupid to understand he fake chuckles so they get the hint. Just shy of saying “DID YOU HEAR ME JUST THEN? I AM FUNNY.” Nails on a mutha-effin chalk board. Chewing tinfoil with silver fillings. Name your annoyance, this is right up there. Plus the game wasn't going our way so I was already cranked up a notch above normal. I’ll sum up to say that I had to remove myself from the situation.

I write this now in an attempt to stop myself from thinking up all of the ways to verbally abuse this idiot if it happens again. I'm pretty quick on my feet but give me time to prepare and things get real. I had a beer or two yesterday and convinced myself that one good solid blitzkrieg would silence him for the rest of the season. I was cutting pretty deep and cracking myself up with the severity when the truly good person in my house saw me chuckling and asked what was funny. I told her and the ensuing expression of distaste took the fun out of that plan fast.

I asked for some props for removing myself from a potentially ugly situation but there were none to be had. Oh well. I'll figure something out. Or I wont and I will deliver a soliloquy of abuse that will frighten some and delight others.

October 10, 2014

Pants on Fire

Four days in and I'm already a liar. I said that I was going to keep this thing away from the big web logging type services but here I sit on Blogger. I tried for three whole days to make the other page work but the flaws started to show immediately. Last night I wanted to write something quickly as I discovered that during the transition between the chills and burning up the other night my bride took a picture and posted it on Facebook.
At first I didn't know why the picture I looked at seemed so familiar then it hit me. The cat must have been enjoying the nuclear amounts of heat I was throwing off ignoring the hibernating bear snores coming from that awful grey bearded mouth. Some caption about me loving the animals that infest this house made me want to reply but BookFace is not my thing. I am a stalker everywhere but here.

Anyway I couldn't figure out how to post to the page from my phone. I am fairly technical by nature so it wasn't for a lack of trying and that's when I started thinking that I needed to find somewhere else to post. My first thought was to head back to my old friend WordPress but I remembered that it would run me $100.00 a year to do what I wanted. There was a time when I had higher hopes for this nonsense and the money didn't bother me but that time has passed.

So now I'm here at least for now now now horrible sentence writer guy needs to stop writing the word now. The only regret with the move so far is that I can't get my original logo to work with these templates. I talked about it a couple of posts ago so I don't feel right leaving it totally off the site so I will end this post with that image.


As I sit here getting ready to type I’m stuck wondering who if anyone to tell that I’m back writing. As I've always believed this thing in whatever form is mostly for me. I used to have a tagline that read “the only form of therapy I can afford” and there was a lot of truth in those words. It could be the minor rush of accomplishment because I help and teach people for a living but I don’t get a great sense of I DID THAT and when I do few folks give a crap. So I write this with the delusion that it will be at the very least read.

And therein lies the rub. I don’t really want everyone reading this stuff. Some people have a hard time separating random thoughts from reality. Others have trouble not walking up to me in real life and talking about something I wrote like it was a weekly column in a newspaper where I was looking for some kind of feedback…

Now if you've stumbled upon this for the first time and see the relative small amount of content and sparse conditions you might be thinking I’m nuts. While that is definitely true I used to be a full-on every day internet writer guy with online writing friends and a small following by small I mean really small. 100 people a day small after more than ten straight years. But my impressive rise to stardom aside a lot of those people were friends and family who used my writing as a way to keep tabs on me.

I liked that until every story I told at parties got interrupted because the audience had already read a version online. That starts to hurt right in the feelings. But whining is not the purpose of today’s post. I really need to decide who I am going to tell. It doesn't really matter as writing on this plain format web page I can’t get caught up in how many unique visits I got or bogged down in comments. It is what it is.

I think I’ll just tell people as it pops in my head. Hard to not sound like a self-promoting douche though and that might be a stumbling block. “Hey did you hear that I’m writing again?” yuck. I’ll figure it out or I won't. Either way I'm gonna keep on writin here.

October 9, 2014

A math lesson from me is a sad one indeed

I have always disliked mathematics. I could tell you that it’s not how my brain works or some other happy horseshit but the real deal is I can’t stand the subject. I am of average intelligence and possess an accelerated wit neither of which helped me do my numbers. I wish I could have recorded my conversation with my high school guidance counselor as I pushed hard to stop taking mathematics my sophomore year. When he mentioned that a lot of colleges won’t consider someone who didn't take a full four years of the subject I let him know that I would not consider them back.

I tell you this because I had to give a math lesson earlier in the week and it left a mark on my brain.

We are switching entertainment providers (that by the way is more like a ROYAL WE because my family only cares that they can watch and record the shows that they want and there is working internet) From Dish Network to Uverse. Getting that done before the weather hits was a priority because nothing gets you like being trapped inside during a snowstorm and the satellite gets blocked by CLOUDS!

Sorry. So I have a nice woman from AT&T on the phone and she is handling my order but comes back on the line to tell me that I won’t qualify for the $300.00 switch promotion (they send you a gift card after a month) because we no longer have a home phone. The best she can offer is a $100.00 card for my bundle. I grumble a bit as I know I’m supposed to do and she puts me on hold. When she comes back on the line her deal is saving me $60.00 compared to what I’m paying now and I get more channels but still just the hundred dollar gift. I am ecstatic but being a below average poker player I grumbled a bit more just in case there's more deal to be had.

She came back with what in her mind was great news. She could get me the bigger gift card and my monthly bill would only go up by a hundred dollars. I thought she was kidding so I laughed but that insulted her. After my third run at explaining $1,300.00 in savings was better than getting a $300.00 Visa gift card and paying an extra $1,200.00 for the year, I gave up and told her I would take “just the hundred” like I was asking for a booby prize.

By my ciphering, carrying the naughts and such, I feel pretty good about the deal. Right now she is probably talking about the crazy idiot she had on the phone who turnt down $200.00. Oh well.

The deal with my writing

I have a couple of internal rules that might interest a visitor who finds themselves (that doesn't sound right in my head but I'm moving along anyway) on my little speck of the internet. The first is that I try to sit down and write without worrying about those pesky grammar and other rules that bog down the more educated types. I just want to get some words on paper. The more I think about something the worse it gets. There was a time in my life where art was a very large part of it and I always had a problem with not liking something immediately after it was complete. So I developed this awesome quirk of never really completing anything creative. You get the idea but I knew that wouldn't work with writing.

Which brings us to the next rule stolen from a childhood game of cards. Once it's laid it's played. This means that if I type it and move on I'm stuck with it and so are you. This helps me both keep my for fun writing time to a minimum and prevents me from ending up in some endless editing loop.(I should have figured out how to get a couple more ends in that sentence)

And then there is the thing about the theme... I have none. This would probably be easier if I did but then it would turn into a grind and I would start to wonder if I could ever make any money doing it. Nope, just what plops on the page when I sit down to write.

And speaking of when or a schedule (all hail the return of the segue king) I don't really have one of those either. I love my job as you will most likely learn if you stick with reading this nonsense and it keeps me very busy. My days are normally scheduled to the half hour which means most of my writing will come after hours. BUT sometimes I will have chunks of time that I don't know how to otherwise manage like this morning. My call that is supposed to be taking place right now asked if I could wait 10 minutes while they gathered everyone together. No problem but no real time to get into anything else that required thought or concentration. I'm currently attempting to curb my internet surfing so this is what you get. Gots to go my 10 minutes is up.

October 8, 2014

So here's the thing

about this thing. err web page, web log, never blog. I should let you know that it might get a little clunky and seen disjointed because I've been doing it for so long I might have trouble remembering what the casual reader might or might not know about the site. I had a couple things drift across the cranium as I was setting it up so I'll put those here now.

The name comes from a time when there was only dot com and the cost to have your own domain was a bit more than it is today. As I was searching for an available address this one came up and it made me smile. The logo combines the name plus my love of umlauts and in the style of a then up and coming search engine company that was talking on the mighty Yahoo. A good friend and talented graphic artist did the heavy lifting while I had the good sense to hold on to it for all this time.

This is not on any kind of hosted platform or service as they have all pissed me off in some way over the years. Its a free Google site with the barest bone template I could find and that is the best. All of the typing and publishing things online come with some kind of drawback beginning with paying a hefty fee if you want to do anything cool or try and earn some money. Others are completely free but they own your stuff. I don't know why that bothers me so because I'm not really attached to anything I put down here on electronic paper but it does.

The other reason this is my best fit has to do with the no links no comments no ads format. I'm better when I write to an imaginary audience of no one. It helps with the flow of nonsense from my skull. Plus my good friends got me in Dutch with the people at Google Adwhatever after they found out that clicking helped me. By the way my total haul for the entire time I was writing was just shy of $90 and that included an anonymous donation of 3 years site hosting. I had an offer to buy the domain from a band in the UK with the same name but they broke up before the deal was complete.

Why now? After all this time going dark. Great question and I don't have a great answer. I was making a decision to keep this address or just let it go on October 1st and some part of me couldn't do it. Fate smiled on me as I was invited to the Google Domains Beta test and I could hold on for another year at just $12. Seemed more than fair. Plus I have had a couple friends asking me lately where I write and the answer was a depressing nowhere so here we are.

October 7, 2014

Hello world... yuck

I wrote online for a lot of years. More than ten to be not very exact. I started writing a journal so my kids would have a different perspective on their father but it turned into a creative outlet for me as most of my all-over-the-board career exploits stifled that part of my brain.

Then the writing turned into a chore. It wasn't fun anymore for a number of reasons that included an online troll who got under my skin. I know, you're thinking blah, blah, blah, whaaa. But I tell you that because it was colliding with my growing dislike for internet over-sharing and social media specifically.

I was having trouble justifying a blog (eww, just typing that word gave me a douche chill) when I hated reading about others chronicling every passing minute of their days. Now don't misunderstand me as I am a huge fan of online investigatory work. I consider my personal Facebook page to be my duck blind where I can peek into the lives of others without exposing much of my own. I also feel like I'm pretty adept at searching for things and if nobody posted anything there would be nothing to find... (holy crap I just turned into Captain Obvious there for a second. sorry)

Anyway I have come to the decision that I like writing much more than my perceived anonymity.  I say perceived not because I am a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy person but I know that there are things being collected on or about me every day that paint a picture. The crud that I will plop on to this space is just one more color on the pallet.  So here it is, my first post of a new writing adventure. Not much to see right now but check back later and I'm sure you'll be equally disappointed.